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Ivanov B.N., Kosyga V.N., Pogykay V.I. Areal and exocontactrart-metal metasomatitesShpolyansko-Tashlitskiy ore region. Geochemistry and ore formation. 2011. Vol. 30. p. 10-17.

Rare-metal metasomatitesShpolyansko-Tashlitskiy ore region are presented areal (greisenizated rocks) and exocontact (recrystallizated gneisses; apoamphibolitebiotitites and apohyperbasitephlogopitites) types. Ironmagnesian micas of biotitites and phlogopitites (cesium-rubidic biotite and rubidium-cesium phlogopite) can have commercial significance at extraction of the main component. In addition, apohyperbasitephlogopitites can be accompanied beryllium mineralization, including an emerald mineralization.


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