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About us

Our company and our tasks

TAURUS INFINITY LLC is a private company, that intends to mine tantalum-niobium ores from the Mostove project in the Kirovograd region (Ukraine). The company hasreceived a Special Permit for Subsoil use from the State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine (Gosgeolnedr), dated September 25, 2019, No. 6372 for the extraction of tantalum ore in the ore zone No. 3 of the Mostove project for a period of 15 years. An environmental impact assessment was taken and relevant hearings with representatives of the public were held.

Our young company employs a team of experienced professionals, who know how to make effective and powerful decisions. We plan to use modern innovations and become suppliers of high quality tantalum-niobium raw materials.

Our achievements and immediate plans

In 2019, the specialists of the TAURUS INFINITY Company performed a preliminary geological and economic assessment of the Mostove project, and in 2020 they created a database, using Micromine software and built a 3D model of the project. As a result, reserves of category C 2 and resources of category P1 were calculated. They, according to the current legislation, were approved by the State Commission of Ukraine on Mineral Resources (SCR).At the same time, we proposed a mining method with backfilling of the abandoned area, which is the most progressive and economical, since it ensures the minimum use of agricultural land and guarantees efficient and environmentally friendly mining. It should be especially mentioned, that the Company, while the preparation of the technical and economic report, demonstrated the sufficient attractiveness of our investment project in terms of normative indicators.

Based on the studies and constructions that were already carried out, we are planning to drill 9 deep inclined holes. The drilling program was officially agreed with the American company NioCorp Developments Ltd(May 2021). Almost at the same time, a project for a detailed geological and economic assessment of tantalum ore in ore zone No. 3 of the project was created and approved.

Today, for the design of the mining complex and the processing plant, we carry out work on the land plotallocation,which is planned to be located in the optimal place of the industrial zone - in the neighboring part of the ore bodies.

Our Teams

Nataliia Bariatska

20 years in geology. Natalia has experience in forecasting and prospecting for uranium in Ukraine; geological exploration, geological and
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economic evaluation of gold-polymetallic, lithium, rare-metal, placer and primary titanium deposits in Ukraine, Mexico, USA, Guinea etc. She also specializes in approbation and approving of ore deposit resources in State Commission of Ukraine on Mineral Resources.
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Nina Safronova

Nina has more than 14 years experience in geology. She has focused on the evaluation of various geological projects through the use of Micromine
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software to reporting standards of JORC and national standards of Ukraine. Nina has experience in geology of various types of ore deposit in Ukraine, including gold, uranium, lithium, titanium placer and primary deposit.
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Natalia Viliatser

Natalia is a certified professional accountant with over 20 years of experience in various areas of economic activity, including the
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mining industry. Natalia is preeminent in assembling and ensuring that corporate financial reports are held to the highest standard of National Accounting Standards (NAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). She is an integral party engaged in the exploration and development of mineral deposits, heading the transition, alignment and audit of Ukrainian accounting and reporting standards to international accounting and reporting standards. Natalia is certified with the ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and is accredited by the Institute of Professional Financial Managers (IPFM).
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