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Geologically, the Mostove project is located within the Zvenihorod-Hannivka fault zone, which borders the Korsun-Novomirgorod pluton from the west. Rare metal mineralization is associated with the bodies of metasomatically altered aplite-pegmatoid granites and metasomatites. The host rocks are biotite gneisses and crystalline schists, cordierite-silymanite-biotite, pyroxene- and amphibole-biotite Ingul-Inhulets series. In general, three ore zones are distinguished within the Mostove project, in which 5 ore bodies are distinguished by linking along the strike and dip of ore intervals taking into account the geological structure of the deposit. Three of the five ore bodies belong to the third ore zone, which is currently the most studied and promising. An increase in the resource potential of this project is possible by exploration within the first and second ore zones of the Mostove deposit worthy of ore occurrences in the ore field.

Geological Exploration stage

Ore occurrence to Mostovу was discovered during geological depth mapping on a scale of 1: 200 000 of 1981-1986. In geological mapping at a scale of 1:50 000 in 1991, ore occurrence was prospected by deep geochemistry drill holes through a network and by structural-prospecting drill holes. The prospective resources of rare metals of the ore occurrence of category P2 and the ore field in general of category P3 were estimated. During prospecting for rare metals within the Zvenihorod-Hannivka structural-metallogenic zone in 1994-2007 (State geological enterprise “Pivnichheolohiia”), the resources of niobium-tantalum ores and related components of category P1 within the ore zone 3 and category P2 of the entire ore occurrence were estimated. Within ore zone 3, 43 deep geochemistry holes of 3,758 m and 8 structural-exploratory holes of 2,331 m were drilled. Holes are located in 9 profiles. In the framework of these studies, technical and economic considerations of the feasibility of further exploration work were compiled. In 2019, Taurus Infiniti LLC carried out a preliminary geological and economic assessment of the ore occurrence Mostove. As a result, reserves of category C2 and resources of category P1 were approved in the State Reserves Committee of Ukraine.

Geology model


A mining method with laying the mined-out space is envisaged as the most economical and ensuring the minimum involvement of land in industrial mining, a complete selection of minerals and the most environmentally friendly mining method. To date, a special permit has been obtained for the extraction of tantalum ore from the ore zone #3 of Mostove deposit for a period of 15 years. An environmental impact assessment was carried out, public hearings were held with community representatives on the development of Mostove deposit. To carry out the design of the mine complex and the processing plant, work is being done to allocate land located in the lying side of the ore bodies in an optimal place for the industrial area.


A preliminary three-dimensional model of the Mostove site was built using the wireframe modeling method in Micromine software. The framework was created based on the ore intervals. The preliminary model includes 17 drill holes located in 9 profiles.